Wednesday, 13 May 2009

(Birth)daily wear!

Hi guys,

This is just a very quick post to say thank you for the birthday wishes (I had a lovely time thanks!) and show you the outfit I wore for my day out with the bf:
The outfit is really plain and simple, but sometimes thats all you want for a casual day out, and especially as a foil for beautiful jewellery. I love this dress with its feminine skirt, made for twirling, which has big pockets at either side:

This is a close up of the ring i'm wearing (a birthday gift from the bf) which incorporates all of my favourite things: it's absolutely massive, has an old Victorian style cameo taking centre stage, and lots of gorgeous gold twills.

Outfit 'deets': dress; topshop, 100% silk jacket; topshop boutique, gladiators; boutique in Florida, bag; vintage, necklaces; miss selfridges and accessorise.Thanks to everyone involved for a wonderful day!
Love, Tor xx

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KD said...

I like the entire outfit but the ring and jacket are super!!