Thursday, 14 May 2009

Doing the fashion maths

What do you get if you combine 80s nostaglia and mission space? Well i'll tell you!

80s nostalgia + NASA's left overs = Pam Hogg of course!

It was the launch party for the East End designer's pop-up boutique in London's Soho last night, and as you can see from my picture of Peaches Geldof (who would've ever thought i'd end up putting a picture of Peaches Geldof on this here blog!!) the fashion equation is well and truly complete!

Yup, having not shown at London Fashion Week for 10 years, Hogg is now well and truly back in fashion favour, with such media dahhlings as Peaches, Daisy Lowe, Alice Dellal and Jamie Winstone promoting her wares. Her outfits are like second skins; clinging to every lump and bump and therefore impractical for anyone who isn't a super model or a teenager! (If you are either of these things incidentally you can buy the new collection exclusively at Browns)

Now don't get me wrong. Hogg's stuff is cool! Almost as cool as the lady herself in fact; this lady has some serious (and much deserved!) cult status! But it's just so far from cool for me. Can I see these jump suits/baco foil in pretty colours/play suits looking good on a catwalk model, a dance troupe or an attention starved celebrity? Why, yes I can! Would I ever try it myself? Not unless I was on a mission to look like a pig that leaped off a baking tray and frighten small children!

However I would like to give these wonderwoman shoes from Office, which I think would compliment those catsuits perfectly, a go!
Gorgeous shoes and a nice dress; does anyone else think we might have found our way back to my comfort zone perfectly?! Lets leave those catsuits to the skinny whippersnappers; meanwhile I feel like an old lady with a big wobbly tum!

Love, Tor x


KD said...

Very cool indeed! I would love to wear a jumpsuit to school one day.

DeenaBeena said...

You are killing me with all these superfab shoes *drop again*

Emma said...

I love these shoes! Even though they are two years old, I think that the style is still consistent with other shoes for women that are in the stores at the moment. I am really glad to see that the Gladiator inspired shoes are still really popular.