Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Em and Sprout shoes: Like, want, nope, need!!

I've been so so sensible with my new season clothes shopping. (As you'll see when I post them tonight - the bf is playing photographer to show them off in the best light!) Everything can be mixed and matched, follows similar themes, is versitile for wearing to work and also for play. I like to think that i've really thought it through and combined fashion with practicality.

If only I could do the same with my new season shoes. I know I should be opting for chunky heels and manly flats like these and these. I know that these highly wearable offerings have the potential to see me through until summer when I can whip my numerous pairs of beloved gladiator sandals out. But I can't stop thinking about the collection of Em and Sprout pumps. Childlike, sickeningly cute (in fact they are actually sold on a website called sickforcute.com) I just can't get enough of them. I defy you not to fall in love:

These are just some of my favs but the cute shoe possibilities seem endless! Click on each image to go to the shoesies on the site.
These shoes would make my feet happy! I want the minnie ones for my holiday to disneyland, the pac man ones for wearing with jeans and making the bf laugh, and every cutsey animals for wearing with my floral dresses.
Imagine smiling every time you looked at your feet? And you don't need a lot of mullah to buy these shoes! At just $22 a pair (plus the etsey shipping costs, sadly!) these are so barganialicious, cheaper than primark barginalicious, that, despite the fact I know I need one pair of sensible wearable leather shoes, i'm trying to justify buying them all!!
Who says money can't buy happiness?
Love Tor xx


fashion herald said...

the mr. and ms. pacman shoes are ridiculous cute.

KD said...

I love the pacman ones!

amiedave said...

What is not to love about these shoes, they are great. Animals good! Pumps good!

Forget ballet pumps, chihuahah pumps are the way forward!