Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Three's a trend!

Hello again,

My posts are like buses this week: you wait around all week for one and then two come along at once! I'm writing again because a wander around the shops at lunchtime made me have a funny thought that led to the photography of some rather lovely bags. And who am I to deprive you of lovely bags!?

I often raise a smile and wonder which high street shops have the same suppliers, as they all seem to have their stock arrive at the same time. I wonder if they all come off the same ship from China and actually land on the shelves on exactly the same day? This was all I could think about as I saw more and more of the exact same things in nearly every shop! In a future life I will shop every single day to test this theory!

Anyway. This week there has been an influx in all the stores (straight off the boat!) of fringed and studded bags, all affordable and all rather lovely actually.

River Island:
New Look: TopShop:

Despite my self-confessed topshop addiction, I actually think they've photographed worst. The new look ones look great but the faux suede fabric feels a little flimsy so I don't think they'd last long (which might not matter given that this is such a "trend"!) The best for me were the river island ones. It's just a shame they were so tiny I wouldn't even fit a third of my current handbags contents in them!!

If you see a big leather studded and fringed bag (like the river island ones!) when you're on the highstreet then let me know because i'm definitely on the look out!

Lots of love,


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dirtyflaws said...

love the fringe xx