Thursday, 5 March 2009

My new spring/summer wardrobe: The topshop additions

So, here is the first of the posts i've been promising you: the new things I brought from topshop! So far I have bought new items from All Aboard (a charity shop on finchley road), Primark, and Topshop ready for when the weather turns all warm and sunny. Fingers crossed. But it's the topshop ones i'm most excited about because a) I think they look great and b)I've never spent so much money in one highstreet store in one go. Hey, at least my job's good for something!

Here are the pictures of me showing off my wares. I think the bf could be a new found hidden gem of this here blog; despite the weird and in part unflattering poses, these look much much better than the ones I take of myself squinting in the mirror!!

Outfit one: "Lets get nude!"
The second, sort of porn star-ish picture is supposed to be showing off the translucency of the material and that I have braved teaming an "on trend" crop top with my leggings underneath it. At £40 it seems like a lot of money but I love this top! I think it looks especially good now that the colour of my hair blends into my skin; lots of complimentary nudes going on! The oversized pockets on either side are a nice touch too, giving the top the weight that pulls it down into such a great shape. I'm always told that bigger girls like myself shouldn't wear oversized clothes as it makes us look bigger, but i've thrown that rule to the wind and am happy to look the size I am if I get to wear such pretty clothes!

Outfit 2: "Flower power"

Love this dress, which has an amazing pattern, despite the fact it makes me look a little busty! I was feeling full on flowers here, hence the Pip Hackett hat and the floral duvet cover. I don't know if you can see it very clearly, but it has an elastic waist, perfect for giving shape and a cutsey bow just above the right breast. Its a little bit gape-y around the bust, but putting a vest underneath and letting it hang loose has kind of turned that into a design feature! The dress was only £20 and is in a nice flattering cotton jersey; this is the best summer holiday dress i've seen this year!
Here is a close up of the pattern on the leggings in the last 2 outfits. I think £20 is a little expensive for leggings, but i loved the pattern and they're good quality; the pattern doesn't distort at all, even stretched over my fat legs! Outfit 3: "Geometric headache"

This is one of those dresses that looks much better in person than it does in photographs, because of the monchrome pattern all over it. I love the Vivienne Westwood-style darting and the exagerated pockets, and find the low waist line pretty flattering. This will look great both dressed up for work or teamed with sandals for lazy summer days.
So there you have it; new season and the start of a new wardrobe. Tommorrow i'll show you all the great Primark stuff i've picked up too (provided the boyfriend wants to play photographer of course!)
And whilst we're talking about new things, I have one more thing to point out; New Hair! I've had the colour lightened alot and cut into a shorter sharper bob. So far it's gotten mixed reviews (ranging from "ooh very fashionable", via "nice and pretty" to "it looks like a lego man wig!")
What do you think??
Lots of love,
Tor x

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KD said...

I honestly think that you look amazing in all these outfits! I love every single piece! I am a sucker for rose print.