Monday, 9 March 2009

I found a Topshop outlet store!

Hi Guys,

I'm afraid this is another Capital-focused post for my London readers (or readers planning a visit to London), but it's just too good to miss out on: On Saturday, quite by accident, I found a Topshop clearance store! (EDIT: Which is in the broadwalk centre in Edgeware. right next to the station (northern line, zone 5) I can't believe I forgot to put that in in the first place!)

There wasn't a mountain of stock, but a quick google search shows that in the experience of other visitors, this isn't a usual occurance and the stock is normally plentiful. Despite the lower-than-normal stock levels, I did manage to pick up a bounty of treasure: 4 tops, 1 dress, and 1 pair of trousers for £27! That works out at just £4.50 per item! And when you bear in mind that the average rrp of these garments was £35 each, that's quite some discount!

By now i'm sure you're all desperate to see what I got for this miniscule price. Well here is the photographic evidence:

I am actually wearing this top as I type this post; this is what I wore to work today. The top is from last season (A/W08/9) but the tassles make it bang on trend. It is in a very delicate knit perfect for teaming with a long sleeve top for this time of year (as i've done here) or with a flimsy vest when spring and summer finally come around. This dress is billed as swimwear, for throwing over ones bikini like a glamour puss, but I think its more versitile than that! As we all know, although I advise others against it, I love wearing black and this seems like a more summery take on my usual black dress. And bird print is still very much in vogue on the highstreet, even at full price (see how i'm still not-very-subtly gloating about my huge discount!) I loved this top when I saw it at full price just a couple of months ago, but didn't think it worth its £40 price tag. Nonetheless, I love the eighties style built up shoulders, the neon fireworks pattern and the way it nips me in at the waist. Yum!

Eeek! Black bra and white top error!!! This top has obviously spent an afternoon on the shop floor (although when I went in to be fair, everything was tidy and nicely laid out) but at £5 BOGOF, I didn't let that bother me; a quick spin in my washing machine will get rid of the teeny tiny stain on the front and this top will still be perfect for me to wear to work meetings when the sun is shining (are you noticing the summer theme!?)
Although they look like demin, these trousers are actually made of medium weight cotton, making them perfect for wearing to work with tailored tops when the warmer weather comes. I know its hard to believe but these trousers were £3, buy one get one free. That means they worked out at just £1.50 to me!!
And finally this lovely specimen. Recognise it? Thats because it is the tie dye dress I picked up in the january sales in Assymetric top form.

With this my summer wardrobe ought to be complete, and yet I know as well as you do that i'm just going to keep going. And i'm still hunting for those perfect shoes.....

Love Tor x

Oh, big PS - If you saw a coat or jacket in Topshop this winter that you know would be perfect for you next winter (you clever plan-a-headers you!) then get down to the Topshop clearance centre now. There was a rail full of winter coats at just £20 BOGOF and ripe for the taking!


Mirandola said...

Whereabouts in London is it?

tor (fabfrocks) said...

Cripes can;t believe I forgot to say! It is in the broadwalk centre (right at the back!) in Edgeware; right next to the station!

Mirandola said...


fashion herald said...

whoa, very jealous, great tops.

WendyB said...

Nice finds!

Jennifer said...

thanks for the information, palanning to visit 2moro :)

shab said...

Does anyone know if there are any near manchester

toffilicious_mischief said...

Hey I realise that this was posted quite a while ago - but I thought I'd let you know that there is also one in Slough (in the Observatory shopping centre) you can't miss it because there are huge bloked out windows with SALE written on them! I know because I work there and we also do Topman clearance too so drag your bf or brother along as taxi!!! for those who this is too far of a trek - there is one in Newport Wales in the Kingsway Centre also which is both Topshop and Topman as well. This may be of help to the lady looking for one near Manchester??

Hope someone finds this useful... we all love a bargain!!!

P.S: I just spent today marking 2/3rds of Topshop down to £5 and under!!! bought 3 huge bags full for £50.00!!!!!xx

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