Friday, 27 March 2009

Topshop outlet: more more more!

Okay, so I couldn't resist going back!

I had an afternoon off work for a doctors appointment (I am suffering with a very uncomfortable ear infection) and after the doc had fixed me up I ran to Edgeware to have another look in the Topshop outlet. There wasn't a lot of new stock and the shop still looked quite bare, however there were a few new gems there (proof for those who wanted it that they must get regular deliveries) including the Peter Jensen prom dress I have been coveting for just £20 (BOGOF) Sadly, they only had it in a size 12: a size too small for me, although I did try it on despite knowing my efforts would be in vain. This made me very very sad. However I cheered myself up by taking my own advice: I bought 2 new coats perfect for next winter, but because of my absolute lack of restraint, also very very wearable right now. So here they are; grey and green and perfectly practical in every way:

This is the one i'm wearing most. It's the perfect spring coat: very lightweight, gorgeous 3/4 length baloon sleeves (excellent for showing off gorgeous bracelets) and such a lovely spring colour. Its not obviously screaming "colour block" trend like a purple or pink one would, but I like it even more for that.

And this is the one i'm saving for next winter. Love the military styling but what I love even more is that it is longer at the back than at the front, folding into a lovely tulip shape; super flattering on the hips and elongating the body. Two great things in my book!

I really can't recommend the concept of the topshop discount store enough: I just wish they'd hurry up and get some more stock in store now!

Lots of love,

A greedy and impatient Tor xxx

NOTE: Sorry I haven't posted for the past couple of days. I am having a family crisis and am going away for a couple of days. Hopefully everything will turn out OK and I will be back to posting on Monday. In the meantime have a great weekend and see you soon. Also sorry for the poor quality of the pictures: I wrote the post a couple of days agp and rushed the pictures as I was getting ready to leave this morning!


Dressed and Pressed said...

Hey Tor, Hope everything turns out okay. D

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