Friday, 20 March 2009

Roll up, roll's wardrobe clearout time!!

Like the lovely queens on Kingdom of style, I have decided, or at least my boyfriend has decided, its time I have a serious wardrobe clear out.
We have 3 wardrobes and 2 chest of drawers and they are all full of my clothes (Mikes live in a suitcase under the bed due to the lack of space!) and they are busting at the seams. We've even had to buy stackable storage boxes to cope with the overflow; it isn't a spare room i'm told. It's a floor-drobe!

At Easter I will be going home to visit my parents and I will be bringing back with me the 2 suitcases full of summer clothes I abandoned there 6 months ago. I am a natural born hoader and I hate to let things go. But with these new arrivals in mind I am prepared to concede that something has got to give!

I'm not sure exactly how I will do it; although i've never used it before i'm thinking I will put everything up on ebay and then post all the best stuff here so that you guys get the heads up on the best stuff.

It will be mostly clothes (this is my vice) but also some shoes, bags and jewellry. And it will be the usual array of things you would expect from my wardrobe; lots of highstreet, especially lots of topshop and primark, vintage shop finds and lots of sparkles. I am getting rid of the Tommy Hilfiger gold lame' skirt so many of you admired, because I just don't think the shape suits me! Everything will be very very cheap,as the main priority is clearing some stuff out, and i'd rather it went to a good home than in bin bags on the street. (As keeps being threatened!!)
I'll get started on sorting this over the weekend and let you know when the shopping can begin on Monday!
Have a great weekend everyone,


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