Monday, 16 March 2009

Yo, i'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want...

OK, I realise that's a Spice Girls song, but the Spice Girls and All Saints were recording at around the same time, so that felt both topical and strangely right.

I love All Saints. Their jersey tops and dresses in particular are cut so beautifully, and whats not to love about a highstreet store whose main colour palette for every season is black?! And I really want all of their shirt dresses for a very funky update to my usual work wardrobe. But I think the vast majority of their stock is laughably overpriced; at least for my limited purse. It is, after all, Topshop quality (and I balk at Topshop when i'm having a miserly week!) at more than double the prices!
However if we suspended reality for 5 minutes and dumped me in the middle of a nice big All Saints store, here is what i'd be waddling out with bags laden of:

I've shown lots of dresses, because they're the thing I love most about the shop! And contrary to popular belief, they hug curves like a dream!
Left to right: Aya mini dress £140, Lindita bustle dress £125, Cleo evening dress £350


Oh how my heart yerns for this gilet! If the tassles weren't so "a la mode" I might spring the £295 for this and call it an investment piece; I have been looking to replace my Primark pleather jacket (which looks great but feels awful!) with a quality leather piece. Definitely something to think about....

My favourite thing! Like the title of my post, the eyelets seem so nineties. And I love the sporty appeal of this hooded style top without the hood. Perfect for toughening up those floaty girly dresses i'm so very very fond of.

For my "and finally", a bag I admire every time i'm near an All Saints store. I feel like a stuck record, because i've already mentioned it twice this week, but I really do think a new bag can do wonders for upgrading an outfit that you love, but dont think is really "in" anymore (if you care about that sort of thing, of course!) Either way, it would look lovely with my imaginary new gilet....
Happy fictional shopping!
Tor xx


KD said...

I love the cardigan!

Queen Michelle said...

All Saints have gotten soooo cheeky with their prices of late. I used to shop there quite regularly but not now as they have totally jacked up the prices to silly levels. I saw a trench coat - A TRENCH COAT - for over £300! You're 'avin a laugh ain't cha!