Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Lesson of the day: don't buy cheap shoes!

Now I am a big fan of Primark. In fact I often think I run the risk of being their most vocal cheerleader. But I am about to give a piece of Primark advice I hope you'll all take heed of: think twice before you buy the shoes! Want to know why? This is why.... What a perfect start to a perfect day- this happened just as I got to work! I only bought these shoes 6 weeks ago. And this is the 5th pair of primark pumps i've owned that have failed to make it past the 6 week shelf like. I actually once owned a pair that I ripped the soles from the first time I wore them (although it was a drunken night out..) You think you're saving money with these £5 pumps but your really not; the way i'm getting through them I could've had a gorgeous French Sole pair by now! Of course, if you want to buy a pair of lime green shoes you know will be out of fashion in a month but you have a great dress to wear them with right now, thats different. I'm talking about shoes you're going to wear again and again. And primark is not the answer!

So what do you do instead? Well if your anything like me and you've got the time but not a lot of money you hit the sales. If you've got the time and energy to watch the sales, wait for the right time, pre plan what you want and so on (and so on!) you really can pick up a bargain.

House of Fraser have an amazing sale on at the moment. See!!Shoes for as little as £15! Its mostly on boots (you could pick them up for next year) party shoes (leave them on the shelf, you'll never wear them no matter how cheap they are!) and winter heels. It is the latter category that i'm most interested in; winter heels also make great spring and summer shoes if you get them in the right colour. I fell in love with these chunky Bertie Mary Janes that came in black, red and brown.

I ended up buying the brown pair. How much like Doc Martin Mary Janes do they look?! They're going to look great toughening up leggings and girlie dresses now, but they'll also make great summer work shoes (sadly, open toed shoes aren't really appropriate workwear) And how much did I pay, I hear you all crying? Just £15, reduced from £85. In actual fact, that's cheaper than the last pair of heels I got from Primark anyway. And these have the added bonus of being 100% leather. Which is more than I can say for their pleather (although super stylish!) offerings.

I'm converted- I shall wear primark shoes no more! My poor battered feet are in for a real treat with these real leather goods - they aren't going to know whats hit them!

Love Tor

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KD said...

They're awesome, and an amazing bargain!