Thursday, 19 March 2009

Still stuck on shoes!

I think i'm running the very serious risk of being a shoe obsessive, without even meaning it - I think i've mentioned shoes in every post for the last week!

Although I actually need flats (my one pair fits all occassions black ones broke yesterday) heels are so much more fun to wear and to look at. When I saw these Jeffrey Campbell ones on the Free People website, my heart literally did somersaults of lust as I worked out all the devious (and illegal) ways I could make them mine!

My heart longs for the tan ones to make my sun kissed legs (hopefully) look long and lean-ish:
But I also love the tough bondage black:
Its a quandry- which ones to imaginarily buy!?
They're so slouchy they're guarenteed to make even the chunkiest of legs (ie mine!) look good and slimmer. I also love the long laces and the cross seasonal height versus backless dicotomy.
They are 100% leather (in keeping with my new 'no more cheap shoes' rule) and, erm, did I mention I want want want them?!
Jeffrey Campbell is, in my opinion at least, a bonafide genius. Just five minutes on his website had me in shoe raptures with its artsy, gorgeous, shoe filled gallery. There is also a blog where I discovered, to my endless joy, that we brits can buy the spring collection on which is excellent news for all of you who, like me resent extortionate postage and packaging costs (Well! It ruins all the fun of bagging a bargain!)
Just for the record, I also want the fringe detail platform sandals and the leather cut out whole ankle boots. Why oh why did I have to fall in love with a computer programmer, when I could've held out for a shoe maker who used me as his muse and lavished me with shoe shaped trinkets?!
Just my luck!
Love Tor xx

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