Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Boyfriend blazer: yay or nay?

Morning guys,
You know me, never one to miss a trend. I realise that, particularly in the current economic climate, slavishly following fashion isn't particularly, erm, fashionable, but I just can't help myself. I buy at least three fashion magazines a week and when I see new trends looking so fabulous I just can't help myself: I must be an advertisers dream!

One trend i've been keen to try out is the oversized boyfriend blazer, but given that i'm:

a) very short
b) very wide, and
c) very busty

all of the jackets have tried seem to make me look like a box. That is until I saw this one in topshop which I kind of liked. Or at least it didn't immediately make me say "yuck!"

I love the detailing on the back and even thought excitedly about all the dresses I could expose though the back panel. However beloved boyfriend (who is nothing if not honest about my pursuits of the trends) says I looked like a boxy box who'd been boxed and sent to Boxville, USA. I'm not sure I agree, but with the seed of doubt firmly planted in my mind I put the jacket back on the rail.

Did I do the right thing and save myself 55 wasted pounds? Or will I kick myself, forever hunting for another oversized jacket that suits me, and knowing it will never live up to that one? Only time will tell. Or....

....I could go back tomorrow and pick it up! What do you think??

Love, Tor x

1 comment:

Dissolved Girl said...

I love the blazer. But it does look a little boxy, it might just look that way cause you are wearing a flowy top?

I have a love hate relationship with blazers too. I am short, busty and a little wide, I have the same issues as you.