Saturday, 18 April 2009

Erase and Rewind (and the launch of yourlondonstylist)

....'cause i've been changing my mind!

I don't know why but whenever I sit down to think of a title for a post, song lyrics come into my head. Sometimes you just have to go with it!

I think the theme of this post, or a summary in a sentence, is a change of direction. Its time for me to make a change that I am very excited to be sharing with you all, but as usual I shall probably ramble around it for a couple of paragraphs.
As I approach my mid 20s (I'm 25 next month, despite my baby face!) the fact that I live in a real world where I have responsibilities and an obligation to give every oportunity my best shot becomes more apparent. I live and breath fashion; I think I always have since the first time I stuffed my chubby hand into my mums jewellry box! I always thought this love would manifest into a career as a fashion writer, but although I have truly enjoyed all the freelance work I ave done and will never give it up, this really hasn't been regular enough to count as a career!

This is where the change comes in. As part of a role working for a small fashion website, i had to style the models for a PR photoshoot: this was so much fun! Then a friend asked me to take her shopping to find an outfit for a wedding. after convincing her to try on a dress shhe would've never picked up and finding she looked amazing I was hooked. I knew that if I could do anything for a living it would be to go shopping (who doesn't dream of that?!) and use my knowledge to make other people look and feel fantastic. Six months, and a smattering of personal shopping appointments later, YourLondonStylist is born.

YourLondonStylist is me; starting up in the middle of the recession (because apparently i'ma lunatic!), taking people shopping, detoxing their wardrobes, and hopefully making them feel great! Over the next couple of weeks I will be rebranding the blog so that it matches the new website (because it just makes sense really!) but don't worry; the content will be exactly the same, no changes going on there! I hope the rebrand doesn't put you off and you keep coming back!

And because the pictures on the new website are so small, and I am possibly the vainest person in the entire world, here are my PR shots; I will actually go as far as to say (deep inhalation please!) that I think I look kind of pretty!

Lots of love, and wish me luck!

Tor x


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KD said...

Congrats and good luck! I'm sure you'll be wonderful at it. :-)