Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The perfect black jacket

Hi guys,
It strikes me as funny that Susie Bubble (of stylebubble fame, of course!) should write about the importance of owning the perfect black jacket (or PJB as she calls it) yesterday, because on that exact same day I found my perfect black jacket. (Ooooh! Spooky!)

I have been hunting for one for ages, and in frustration bought a cheap tux jacket from Primark which was no substitute (and shall now be making its way to ebay). But now i've found a jacket to love for years to come and I think it looks great!

I love that its so much longer at the front than it is at the back, and the cascading lapels are flattering on my bust (despite their ruffly nature!) because of their length. Its smart, which is how i've worn it for work today, but i'm desperate to wear it with my faded torn jeans and a flesh coloured t shirt for travelling to my parents on Friday! Smart casual will forever now be easy for me!

And was it expensive I hear you ask? Well the answer is no (in fact it was as good value as a session with yourlondonstylist ;) Oh the joy of the shameless plug! ha!) I got it from my new best friend the topshop outlet in Edgeware.

I had the day off work yesterday to go to the hospital in Edgeware for xrays and blood tests (yawn!) and I figured while I was there it would be rude not to pop into my most favoured discount store. While there I fell in love with this top:
The gorgeous, gorgeous sleeves! They are really lovely unusual zip details. Ahhh, I die! (As Rachel Zoe would say; that's how much I enjoy this top, it makes me quote Rachel Zoe!) I then immediately fell even more in love with my jacket of dreams and took them to the checkout where they were rung up and I was told they had been wrongly priced. My face fell. I didn't want to spend more than £30 although I would for that jacket. At that moment in time I suspect I would've thrown caution to the wind and handed over the entire contents of my bank account for that jacket! But I can sense that you know there is a happy ending to this tale....

....And here it is: Have no fear for I got them both FOR £10 BOGOF, BABY!!! That works out at just £5 per item!!

Sometimes I just can't believe my unbelievable luck! And super cheap or not, these are items I will definitely cherish in my new, slightly more streamlined wardrobe....or at least, realistically, streamlined for now!

Lots of love,


NB - Whilst were talking about funny coincidences, which I suppose we sort of are (ish), yesterday Susie also wrote about an exhibition in Norwich that I was telling my boyfriend I wanted to see when we were up in Norwich to visit Becky at the end of May. Spooky or what


MargieF said...

I cannot BELIEVE you got that awesome jacket and top for £10! So so lucky! I really love that jacket especially...looks good on you :)

KD said...

Ah lucky!!! I am still searching for my PJB (waaay better acronym than LBD) . . .