Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bringing back black!

Despite my continual effort to introduce new colours to my wardrobe, we all know my mantra: "I'll wear any colour as long as it's black!" Remember that fateful picture of my wash day?
I rest my case! Every season the fashion editors pronounce another colour as "The New Black" but actually there's no such thing: thats why beloved black is their constant source of reference. You never hear anyone going on about the "New Red" do you? I rest my case, m'laud!

So when the website "basically black" was brought to my attention, my initial thought was what a damn good idea! Imagine never having to trawl through the pages of asos again falling in love with their vibrant patterned dresses, only to wish there was also a black version! Everything on this site definitely comes in black already!

The word basically immediately conjured pictures of basics - sensible shirts and t shirts; great for our mums, but not so great for fashion conscious young things like us! But actually I was completely wrong. You can buy your basics and they're great quality(we all need them, even if we resent the expense!) but you can also get glamourous dresses, coats, and sparkly sparkly bags (oh how I love sequins and black - i'm suprised i'm still typing straight!)

I know its shockingly simple but I think i'm slightly obsessed with that last dress; perfect for going to dinner or drinks straight after work (dahhling!) it looks uber flattering and more excitingly than that, its cashmere; nothing feels more wonderful than cashmere on your skin, except perhaps knowing it was a bargain, which this certainly is!

My quest for the perfect boyfriend blazer was not sucessful on this website (I know i'm obsessed, but their jacket selection sadly leads a lot to be desired!) but the next time my already fairly extensive collection of black dresses for work, play, and everything else I can think of to wear a black dress to, runs low, I know exactly where i'll be turning.

In fact, maybe i'll add that waffle dress to my birthday list (only 3 weeks to go!) Poor old Mike; I keep adding so much stuff I don't know what will explode first - his head or his wallet!

Love Tor x

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KD said...

As annoying as the phrase "black is the new black" is, it certainly is true. What an awesome website idea!