Sunday, 5 April 2009

Daily Wear: A weekend in three pictures

Hi All,

This weekend the Bf and I trekked up to Norwich on a series of missions; to see the wonderful Miss Becky (oh how I miss her!), to give our friend Chris a great birthday, and to get seriously seriously drunk! All of these missions were accomplished, and I think I managed to look pretty good whilst doing it, even if I say so myself! Here are the pics:

Outfit 1: Travelling up and shopping with Becky

Top and vest: Topshop
Belt and bangle: Warehouse
Ring: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Primark (guess what? They've started doing a "premium" leather range in there! These are 100% leather and were only £15!)

Outfit 2: A night out with the boys

Dress: French Connection (from an outlet store, reduced from £150 to £20!!)
Jacket: Primark (My old faithful; i've never found a better one!)
Bag: Primark and only £4!
Belt: Madam Butterfly

Outfit 3: The morning after the night before!
Jeans: Topshop (they're called Harper and they fit like a dream!)
T shirt: From a shop in Hemel Hampstead for just 50p!
Shoes and Bag: As before

Dear God I look a bit rough! And I actually went out for a fry up with my shoes looking like that; I just couldnt be bothered to fasten all the buckles! Still it was a wonderful weekend, both in the fashion and the fun stakes. Thanks of course must go to my dreamy bf who did all the driving and paid for all my drinks because i'm broke (I had a bit of a topshop splurge!) What a perfect gent, and isn't he handsome!??

Lots of love,

Tor xx


Queen Michelle said...

That last photo of you is giving me bob envy - it's just the perfect shaped bob. I hate you right now.

Joelyne said...

i absolutely love the top and vest! the floral print and fringe on shoulders! ♥