Thursday, 9 April 2009

New web love: Queens of

I know I constantly have a new "love" but I found a fabulous website yesterday that I just have to share with you.

Billed as the 'Vogue of Vintage' (I promise that that awful intro is the only part of this site you will find so trite!)’s content spans vintage fashion, beauty, interiors and culture.
You can organise your posts by city: an amazing feature for anyone living outside of London given the majority of vintage sites and blogs (sorry about that!) are so London-centric!

The feature I most enjoy is the reviews of vintage stores in cities near you. It's like someone taking the hassle out of vintage shopping for you by reviewing the stores before you even leave the house!

The layout is a bit confusing to start with (the homepage is so damn busy!!) but you soon get used to it. And although talking about the credit crunch is getting dull and seriously getting me down, it is happening and starting to affect our purses. Or at least, its definitely affecting my purse! So the make do and mend feature is perfect for its easy tips (even someon with monkey paws could do it!) on revamping what you already have. I know, I know, I'm raving again but it is a good site!

And if this isn't all exciting enough, I found a feature (or is it a blog post? This looks like a blog but bills itself as an ezine!?) on where you can buy beautiful vintage brooches online now.

I love vintage brooches (although now the collection has passed the 50 mark i'm trying to be a little more selective) but selective or not, this one would definitely make it into the collection. Or maybe this one:How do you choose!? Queens of vintage is definitely a site I will visit again, if only to see what their top picks are. Not to mention the gorgeous photos in their "Top 100 queens" section. Now back to the important issue of brooches. If I just start raiding the penny jar....

Much love,



KD said...

Looks very cool! I'll check it out.

fashion herald said...

whoa, those brooches are amazing!