Saturday, 1 June 2013

Shoes: Wild about white sandals

Hi guys,
White sandals have a bad reputation. When you think about white sandals you probably think of cheap pleather and Essex girls. But actually, white shoes are about to have a white-hot fashion make over. And it's a trend that I am definitely ready to get on board with!

Head to toe white is a big trend for this season (let's face it, it's a big trend nearly every summer) and where your dresses go, your shoes are sure to follow. White is perfect for summer: it emphasises your tan, keeps you cool in the sun, and looks great teamed with warm summery colours like coral and turquoise.

I love to wear white when I'm on holiday: white and gold is my favourite summer colour combo. White maxi dresses and white linen trousers teamed with delicate gold jewellery are my favourite beach-holiday outfits. But finding shoes to team with them is difficult...

 photo whitesandals_zps63b3cf16.pngEnter these gorgeous heeled sandals, which are the perfect solution, and will look great with any white outfit. With their coral, turquoise, and snakeskin geometric panels, they add colour and interest to the simple white sandal. They also make a shoe that could look cheap look and feel very classic and expensive.

These Chie Mihara sandals cost £218.99. If you want to get your hands on a pair of your own then you can find them here.

How do you feel about this season's white trend? Would you wear white sandals, or is their Essex-girl reputation enough to put you off?

Love Tor xx

*Post written as part of a new partnership with Spartoo shoes


Jodie Santer said...

They're so pretty!

Anonymous said...

It would take more than Essex girl associations to put me off those sandals- they're superb!