Monday, 24 March 2014

Say Hello to Collections From eBay

Hi guys,
eBay collections have been big in the US for a while, but this month (March 2014) has seen the launch of eBay collections here in the UK too. Collections is a very clever way to visually organise all the things you love on eBay in one place.  photo collections_zps147bcbfa.png

You can also browse and shop other people's collections (find mine here) and I think they're a great way of collating beautiful things: effectively it's like Pinterest but with the added bonus that you can actually shop and own every amazing thing you see! I've been using eBay Collections as a place to collate all of the fabulous looks I hope to be sporting this spring/summer. Here are just a few of the pieces I've been coveting:
 photo totallytropical_zpsc554e3ad.png
Totally Tropical - See the full collection here! 

 photo mintyfresh_zpsbd3cd680.png
Minty Fresh in Mint Green - See the full collection here! 

 photo hellforleather_zpsaac51348.png
Go Hell for Leather - See the full collection here! 

My current favourite collection is Go Hell for Leather, as I'm in the market for a new leather jacket for Spring. All this choice is making it difficult to choose the perfect one though! I already had an eBay obsession, and the launch of the Collections Feature is just making it worse. Not only does it mean I can spend hours scrolling through listings (which, believe me, I do), I can also check out what other bloggers, celebrities and influencers are adding to their collections: and the temptation is definitely there to do more shopping than I should!

Check out my collections on eBay: I've create 14 so far, and I'll be adding more and updating them as time goes on. I'd love your feedback on how they look and what you think of them: and what you think of the concept in general too! Which of my collections do you like best?!

Love Tor x

*I have been working with eBay on this project and was compensated to write this post 

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