Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sending letters just got fashionable!

Hi guys,
I love sending letters. It feels so much nicer and more intimate than any other form of communication: Who doesn't smile when they receive a thank you note, letter from an old friend, or even love letter dotted in amongst all those bills?

So I was especially pleased to discover that my letter writing habit was about to be given a fashionable twist. Just like I always get excited about the new stamps at Christmas (Yes. I'm that person) I am especially eager to get my hands on the latest release from Royal Mail, celebrating the best of British fashion:
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Each first class stamp bears an iconic design from each of 10 top fashion houses. From an extravagant, black feather number from Alexander McQueen to a sharp, electric blue suit from Paul Smith, all of fashion is here.

Vivienne Westwood harks back to 1993 with her signature harlequin dress, Hardy Amis has a chic, fitted skirt suit with leather gloves and Ossie Clark a vibrant, floaty hippy number.

My inner geek actually can't wait to get my hands on some of these, and start writing letters. It's stamps like these that make you almost begin to understand why some people turn to stamp collecting.....

The set of 10 stamps costs £6 and is available from Royal Mail

Love Tor xxx

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