Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Primark pick of the week: More spring looks

Hi guys,
Primark are really into the swing of spring with a massive selection of their summer clothes in store: they've even got their swimwear and sandals in store! Today there are only two picks from Primark, but I think they're winners. I haven't been to Primark for a while, and it was as manic as ever, but they really are good at picking up on the trends and translating them into something wearable. I am having concerns about the quality of late though: the last two floral frocks I bought shrunk to an unwearable size after just two washes (everything else in the wash was fine, so I don't think it was my machine!)
I wasn't massively impressed with the dress selection in store yesterday but I loved the peach evening dress from the Primark premium range. Yes, you read that right; Primark have started a premium range of just a small number of jackets and dresses at slightly higher than usual Primark prices: this dress comes in at £21. I don't know whether it is the cut or the fabric (which feels the same) that makes the collection premium; if you've tried it i'd love you to let me know!
I also really liked this denim parka (£19) which I think would be an easy way of trying the double denim craze, but would also look really pretty over a little floral dress. It would be a great alternative to a mac; I love macs, but get bored of seeing them at this time of year when every second person has one on!

Love, Tor xx


Tabitha Sheridan said...

Primark stuff can be so unpredictable, some stuff lasts and lasts beautifully and some things go bobbly and horrid on the first wash!

WendyB said...

Yeah, when am I getting a double denim picture from you?