Friday, 5 March 2010

Barry M nail varnish: oh the colours!

Does anyone else walk into Boots or Superdrug looking normal and walk out looking like Rainbow Brite? Whenever I pass a Barry M counter I try a little varnish on each finger until I end up looking like a technicoloured nightmare!
Luckily today I was avoiding the crazy brights and pastels, as I was looking for something to replace my standard black varnish, that wasn't black but would compliment all the black clothes I wear. (wow that sentence was complicated!)
The good thing about Barry M is that the colours don't have poncey names (I hate the poncey names that make it hard to work out what's actually inside!) From left to right I tried: racing green, chocolate brown, bright purple, grey, and matte white.
I really liked the chocolate brown (this is the one I ended up buying) and it looked this good with one quick coat. The racing green was another favourite, but it was thinner and needed a couple of coats. I tried the white because I thought the monochrome look might work well, but it wasn't for me: it reminded me of when we used to paint our nails with tippex at school (yup, I was that cool!) The thing I love about Barry M nail varnish is that they come in a variety of matt, shiny, and sparkly finishes: i generally like the colours that come in shiny, but i'm desperate to try a matt varnish in sooty black.
I usually stick to basic colours on my nails, but five minutes at the Barry M counter makes me brave and ready to try anything. What nail varnishes do you keep going back to? And what colours would you recommend?
Love, Tor xx


Looking Fab in your forties said...

The Chanel Particulere of course! You will like it if you liked the Brown.

i love bows:) said...

haha i love barry m!i also end up with eyeliner stripes all up my wrist!

last summer i was loving bright blue, with the brightest red i could find, cos i was doing the nautical thing.looks better than it sounds!

teawithonesugarplease said...

I used to paint my nails with tippex!

MargieF said...

red and dark purple seem to be my staple for summer dark purple for winter. i dont even try to do it that way it just happens everytime!

Daisy said...

The purple loks fab!