Monday, 22 March 2010

Show and tell: ASOS goodies and Skinny Cow picks

Hi Guys,

So last week I was lucky enough to go to a couple of great events that really bolstered my wardrobe. The ASOS access all areas event was a great night out and a chance to view their spring collections. I was also lucky enough to be given a gift card to spend on those collections too! The Skinny Cow Swap Shop was a super fun swishing event where I traded some of my (still very lovely!) old clothes I no longer wear for yummy things I can't wait to put on. Here's what I got from each event:

ASOS Access All Areas
Wedges- £45, Bed jacket - £35, Little White Lie tee - £16, Pony necklace - £6.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had been looking for the perfect summer wedges, and these are them! They look great, chunky but not at all masculine, and they were comfy from the first time I put them on (I'm on my third wear with no problems!) The bed jacket is my take on the underwear as outerwear trend: i'm too heavy busted to put a bra over a tshirt! I love this and think it will be the perfect light coverup over vests and tees on balmy summer nights.

Skinny Cow Swap Shop
The sequinned dress is from Sophie Hulme, the lovely big cardigan is from Selected Femme,and the sequinned top is from Reiss.

I'm like a magpie, and I went straight for the sparkles! It's very unusual for me not to have gotten more black but my desire for sequins seemed to overwhelm my need for darkness. I love the Sophie Hulme dress: it was the first thing I saw when I entered the swap and I was so lucky to pick it up - I beelined straight to it! It looks a bit funnyand pulled in the picture because I have my hand in my pocket, but it's really love in "real life"! The cardigan is also a hidden gem: it looks wonderful on and will be a perfect between-season throw-on. It's so soft!

Whilst i'm talking about my great finds I want to say that I do know how lucky I am to be invited to these events, and don't want you guys to ever think I take it for granted. I hate it when you read other bloggers complaining about being sent press releases or free samples: yes, sometimes the products aren't to your taste but in that instance i'd rather write nothing at all. I'm very aware that I am an outsider to the fashion industry and am very lucky that certain companies want to reach out to you guys through me. Having said that I want you to know I only write about thing I think you'll be interested in, and all my reviews are honest: I always cover the good and the bad bits!

The good bits of course include lovely free and/or traded clothes! It's been my best shopping weekend for a long time and it didn't cost me a penny!

Love, Tor xx


Harriet said...

Wow, looks like a great haul! You're right, I think it's really important to be grateful for everything you get sent/invited to/told about. I don't get all that much free stuff, but everytime I get to go to something I wouldn't have been to without my blog, or yes, get sent an email or a free sample of something I get very excited! Too excited to ever take it for granted I think!

Like you say - if you don't like it ignore it!

Blog to be Alive said...

I love the bed jacket!

Make Do Style said...

I want the bed jacket too!

Ah come on enjoy. I like to be the rebel but doesn't mean I begrudge anyone else their fun!

weeblackcat said...

So jealous of your swap! Reiss top is yo die for. xo