Monday, 15 March 2010

Etsy obsession of the week: Swiedebie

Morning everyone,
Sorry for my absence this weekend - we travelled up to suprise my mum for Mothers Day, and I seem to have been struck down with a head cold, which has left me lethargic and not really feeling up to posting. Hopefully normal services will resume now!

When you aren't feeling your best, sometimes you need an overload of cute to perk you up, and this is where my Etsy obsession of the week comes in: Swiedebie does the most marvellous adorable things with felt!

I love pandas (I look like one most mornings because i'm a slob with the eye make up remover!) and I want this little fella to pop my business cards in; they say you should make your cards and yourself as memorable as possible when meeting new people, and what's more memorable than a fat sleepy panda guarding your cards?

The creator of these little cutesy pieces of whimsy is Swee Leng who lives in Holland with her husband and daughter, but originates from Singapore. Each piece depicts her inner-child world, and looking at each piece wakes up my (not often sleeping) inner child too!

I'm like a teenage girl when it comes to anything cute and although I'm a bit too old to adorn my bag with cute keyrings and badges, I definitely still want to! These plushes remind me of the shoes made by EmandSprout (You can read my interview with their creator here) and I think if you only wear or use one at a time (strictly one at a time!) you can still make yourself smile by adorning yourselve with a little animal cuteness. I would love this babooshka doll in brooch form to add to my peach lace blazer.

What do you think? Does there come a time where you have to put the cute back in the cupboard, or are you never too old to adorn yourself with sleeping pandas?

Love, Tor xx


teawithonesugarplease said...

They are so adorable I love the panda x I know I am far too old for such things but I can always use the excuse that I had to get these for my daughter :-)

daisychain said...

Oh man, so cute

Nina said...

Oh my, these are adorable!

Harriet said...

These are so cute!

The Style Strutter said...

Oh my god sooo cute:)!!
Love your blog too, Im following now:)!

Sarah said...

Never too old for cute! My business cards have sleeping pandas ON them!