Friday, 5 March 2010

Go shopping: Buy a dress, buy a top, buy a phone!

I feel like if I were a dictator of some kind, then the title above would definitely form a part of my ruling philosophy!Everyone would be well dressed and forced to shop for clothes, shoes, and occasional fashionable electricals. Not sure I can find any negatives in the thought of this dictatorship, actually. I'd get everyone to refer to me as the Tor-tator. If only I owned a small island!
If you are in the market to buy a top then Isabella Oliver are offering FabFrocks readers 20% off all their tops. Just enter TOPS20 at the check out to receive your discount; this offer is only valid until Sunday though, so probably time for some Friday shopping! I don't know why I think of Friday as a shopping day - if i'm honest I will shop on any day with a "y" in it!
If you feel like buying a new dress (who doesn't feel like buying dresses!) then as I command it, Topshop is running an amazing celebrity dress auction on 16th March following the 'Dress Me Up' hire project over Christmas. All proceeds go to charity... and you could get your hands on a dress previously owned by Kate Moss, Dita Von Teese or Scarlett Johansson... Or a dress donated by one of Topshop's designer friends, including Emma Cook and Christopher Kane. The auction prices start at £60, and although i'm sure the prices will go unaffordably crazy, its nice to dream that you could own one of these dresses for the price of a night out isn't it?! The auction takes place at 10.30 am and you can find out more about it here. Its also worth mentioning that its for a really good cause!
And as for the phone?? Well, I love gadgets and gizmos but i'm ashamed to say (given the job I do!) that i'm actually a bit of a technophobe: It takes me a little while to get to grips with new technologies. And the INQ Chat smart phone from Three mobile was no exception.I was kindly lent this phone to tweet during London Fashion Week: its a social media phone, meaning it's really easy to use twitter and facebook on it. Which believe me can turn you into a twitter addict! It also came in really handy for checking emails.

It comes with flash cards rather than a manual which look great and are probably all you need if you're a hip young thing, but it meant I had to return to the internet in order to do simple things like work out how to take the back off and insert the sim card. It also beeps all the time - i'm sure anyone with half a mind for technology could sort this immediately, but I found myself cradling it like a mother with a new born screaming "what do you want?? what do you want!!"

I won't be upgrading to this instead of the iphone i'm collecting next month, but for that kind of smart social media technology on a budget, I think its definitely worth a look.

So there you have it, everything you were promised: dresses, tops, and phones. I feel kind of cheated that I didn't throw shoes in there too though. Maybe next time.....

Love, Tor xxx

PS - My Stylecompare competition is now closed. The three finalists from Fabfrocks whose entries were submitted to the judges are: Gloria, Rachel (Kenners) and LoLo. Unfortunately I don't get to choose the winner, but good luck everyone. Would you guys like me to post the looks submitted by the finalists I chose by the way??


teawithonesugarplease said...

Thanks for the discount tip. I have iphone envy but have to wait until November for an upgrade :-(

Make Do Style said...

I hope to upgrade to iphone soon when I've got some money. No shopping for me boohoo xx

Harriet said...

I would join your tor-tatorship, I tihnk it sounds perfectly reasonable to me! I am going back and forth between wanting an iphone and a blackberry at the moment... Very torn but I think I really do need an internet enabled phone so I can keep up with blogging and commenting during the day!