Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Beautiful wonderful Bicester Village

On Monday Mike and I took a day trip to Cadburys world: it was a chocoholics dream and absolutely no good for my diet, but a very fun day out! On our way home we passed through Bicester and after much nagging from me, stopped off to explore Bicester Village (well, it would be rude not to!)


Did you know that the top two search terms on this blog are "topshop outlet" and "outlet shopping"? I didn't even realise I wrote about those two things so often, but apparently my reputation preceeds me; I love outlets and bagging a bargain!And if it's outlet shopping you're looking for then Bicester won't let you down!!

Without meaning to sound like a bad advertorial, Bicester offers something for everyone, and the range of stores means you can pick something up whatever your budget. In French Connection there are tops starting from £6 and dresses starting from £10. I got a lovely black smock dress with a thick waistband for £14. So you can get something for under a tenner or blow hundreds of pounds in Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen or Gucci/Dior if you like the more "traditional" brands. And either way you'd be getting between 50 and 80% off!! There are over 150 stores so there's something for everyone; I especially loved the Cath Kidson store in all its floral glory; Mothers day is coming up!


I have written before about how much I love Luella, and in the Luella outlet I got two casual summer dresses that had been £300 for £49 each; that's pretty much Topshop prices. Yup, my shopping ban is officially failed and over. I've never bought anything from Luella before, and didn't want to miss my chance now the label is no more! There was another dress, a bag, and a pair of shoes I wanted, but I was being sensible; how I regret that now!! I also got a lovely black 100 silk dress from Monsoon with lovely beading and tassling at the neckline for under £25. All in all I spent less than £150 (including the price of a cup of tea) and had a great afternoon out!

I love Bicester village; its like an American outlet experience, set on a faux street with al fresco drinking and dining and its pretty compact so its easy to hop from one store to another (and then back again to ultimately purchase when your willpower fails you!) I wish i'd taken more picutres to show you guys, but I was so busy thinking about shopping that I forgot the think about the blog!! There were so many other things I wanted to buy; lets just hope that more nagging and the lure of the Superdry store means the bf will take me again soon!

Oh, and because I seem to always be thinking about weddings (my sister is getting married) its worth mentioning that they had a great selection of wedding and bridesmaids dresses in Monsoon at 70% off: bargain! Actually I think it would be a fun day out for any bride and bridesmaids - my sisters and I are planning to go with our mum to pick up some bits for the wedding and raid Jimmy Choo for wedding shoes: 70% off and an occassion to wear them! What more excuse do you need?!

Love, Tor xxx


Christina Sanders said...

I want to go! Where is it?
Christina xox

Make Do Style said...

How I would love a trip to Bicester - Mr MDS and I always used to love our trips there - sigh!

tor (fabfrocks) said...

Christina - its just outside of Oxford, you can get a train straight there from town!

Kate - You're very lucky that Mr MDS likes to shop! I had to drag Mike kicking and screaming!!

MargieF said...

Ive wanted to go there foreveeeer even more so now I can get luella dresses for that money!

Winnie said...

Man...I need to go there pronto, Your dresses are gorgeous. So lucky!