Thursday, 4 March 2010

If I could go to any festival this year it would be Vintage at Goodwood

Vintage at Goodwood is the first festival to combine music, fashion, design and retail. Which I find very exciting!! The email about this landed in my inbox a few days ago, and I have had to take a little time to ruminate on it, because as well as loving fashion I also love music. I realise the two go hand in hand, but combining the two into an event of this kind could either be a very good or a very bad thing. I ultimately decided that, if they do it right, it would be wonderful!
As well as all the usual things you find at a festival, there will also be three daily runway shows featuring vintage designers to future trends and a unique custom-built ‘High Street’ to feature the world’s largest vintage market alongside pop up outlets from John Lewis to Oxfam. I think it will be wonderful to see vintage and highstreet sitting side by side, and could really open peoples eyes to the benefits of textile recycling and adding vintage or second hand clothes to your wardrobe. It would be worth going for the shopping potential alone!

Wayne Hemmingway (of RedorDead fame) is one of the organisers of the event, and he said: "We have carefully curated a celebratory festival in complete contrast to the staid status quo, that re-unites music, fashion and culture; that is unashamedly about dressing up rather than down and being comfortable rather than compromised. There has been nothing to date like Vintage [at Goodwood]"

It sounds fabulous, and i'm especially excited by the five on site clubs recreating each respective decade with unparalleled authenticity to complement the main stage. I can see myself shaking my tail feathers in the sixties one! The event will also see the launch of Lily Allen’s new fashion label Lucy in Disguise, although she won't be performing at the festival.
I know it hasn't been finalised yet, but I just hope the line up of the bands improves a little: I'm sure this one could change my mind, but I always go to a festival for the music first and the fashion second. I think the thought that has gone into the line up is fantastic, which acts chosen from each of the eras represented in the event, but so far the bands booked aren't that exciting. To my mind at least, there is no real headliner. And I think the balance between the fashion and music has to become a little more, well, balanced!

The fashion is more than taken care of though, so if you're looking to shop your socks off, get dressed up in the fashions of your favourite era, and party down with a little live background noise going on, then this is the place to be!

You can find out more about the event on their website, and also read the event manifesto, which will tell you all about the event much more clearly than i ever could! The £150 weekend + camping tickets are a little rich for my purse, but I am thinking of splashing out £55 for a day ticket. I think it will be a great day out!

Love, Tor xx


Daisy said...

I am quite excited about this !

Daisy said...
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Hannah ♥ said...

This sounds SO amazing! I'm definitley going to look it up and learn more about it



Leia said...

Looks like fun!

xx Leia -

Daisy said...

This looks really fun! I've worked at Goodwood a couple of times at the Festival of Speed- it's a fantastic place for an event. Will be checking it out!x

WedgeWellyWellies said...

Probably THE MOST exciting post I've come accross all day.

We will be sure to check this out at WedgeWelly Boot Camp, and I'm sure we will be there.

Fingers crossed with the line-up though, (festivals & fashion go hand in hand for us, but the music has to come first!).

Mud never looked so gud!

Sarah xx