Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Daily Wear: Back to Black

Whenever I have a wardrobe crisis or I don't know what to wear I turn back to my trusty black. Its my favourite colour to wear, I love the contrast it makes with my hair, and I know it isn't really, but it feels slimming to me.



Today I am playing with proportions. I have a naturally pronounced hourglass figure (big boobs and big hips and bum but with a narrower waist) but I find it really hard to dress, especially when I spend most of my time trying to minimise my bust! However today I decided to play with my bodies natural proportions: this dress is from French Connection (I got it from Bicester last week) and has a wide cinched in waist and heavy sleeves which emphasise my hourglass. I further emphasised my waist by adding my pony belt (I got this from Primark from £3 - I'm really impressed as it looks like much better quality than that!) Finally I added two necklaces in an attempt to elongate my upper torso.

Do you have a part of your body you love to show off? Or is there a part of you your always trying to minimise which prevents you from trying new things? I find other peoples relationships with their bodies fascinating!

Anyway, I think i've bigged up what is actually a really plain and simple looking outfit, so i'll finish it off with the sentence that would have done instead of all the fluff: this is what i'm wearing today!

Love, Tor xx


WendyB said...

I don't think there's any part I try to minimize...I hate going out without bright lipstick! So I guess I try to maximize my lips.


love the belt.
Claudia xxx

daisychain said...

I'm in love with your belt.

Louise said...

You look fab here!

Anonymous said...

As I'm an apple (and a trainee stylist) I know that i should minimise my chest but really that's the body shape that i get the most compliments on!Really surprised that your belt is from Primark, it looks so much more expensive.
Love your blog by the way :)