Thursday, 23 September 2010

I broke in my new clogs....

I think i've mentioned it, oh, about a million times before, but my favourite film is Clueless. So it was with much amusement that I recreated a classic line from the film last night when Mike asked "so what did you do today?" and I replied "I broke in my new clogs"

But it was true: my greatest achievement of the day was that I wore my new clogs for the whole day and they didn't hurt my feet! Normally if I buy shoes that hurt my feet they go to the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again. But I loved these shoes, and they cost me £60 from Topshop, so far too much money (for me at least!) to just put them away!

The first day I wore them I was in agony: I had to take them off by lunchtime. My little toe had been rubbed so sore that it started bleeding and they rubbed my heels with every step I took. Day Two and I covered my feet in plasters but the pain was still there: I wore the shoes all day but by the time I was heading home I was limping! I had a day off wearing them, then tried again for what i'd decided would be the final time: By day three (yesterday) they were broken! I think the problem was that the wooden bases were very hard, and the leather was very stiff, but by the third wear it had given a little and was much more plyable! Hurray!

How long does it take you to break in new shoes? And do you usually persevere, or do you push them to one side if they aren't comfortable on first wearage?

Love, Tor xx

PS - The article I wrote about the first day of London Fashion Week for TKMaxx is now live on their site if you want to check it out!


girlinthecity said...

hey girl, they're gorgeous!

I tend to stomp about my flat in heels and those big, fluffy bed socks you get in Primark for about a week, then they're usually ready for the weekend (if a bit fluffy, lol!)



Kb said...

Ahhh I've been admiring these clog too, they look great, so they're more comfy now? I don't think I even saw you at LFW, as if we kept missing each other!

Christina Sanders said...

I have those! Mine are a darker brown though. I got them in the summer. I love them! x

fashion herald said...

I persevere and wear uncomfortable shoes anyway, almost always. But there are a few Payless pairs I've had to toss because they just didn't give.

mixnmatch1 said...

i persevere too :)

Mother Leopard said...

Oh God, I hate having to break in shoes!! I'm having trouble at the moment as I have a new job where I'm on my feet all day, which is fine but I haven't been used to doing that for months. I have flat shoes which are comfy and don't rub it's as if the problem is they're TOO flat and by the last few hours of the day my feet ache so much!!! Gah! What to do.

teawithonesugarplease said...

Ouchy - I went through the same problem back in 1993! My feet were deformed by the whole process so well done for persevering. The dancer trick is to soak your feet in cold tea to toughen your skin! Yuck

nickyv said...

I'm currently breaking in a pair of those lovely dr martens that i first saw on your blog, they're going to take a while to be comfy, a few sore patches on my heels after the second wear, but it'll be worth it as I think they'll break in nicely.