Thursday, 30 September 2010

Competition: Shoes as art

Dune have been in touch to tell me all about a new competition they are running that will have the arty ones amongst you jumping for joy. I've never bought anything from Dune, although I have spent many a wasted hour lusting after their wedding shoes online: I actually don't know why i've never been moved to make a purchase, as the shoes look to be good quality, and the pricepoint is about right.

The competition theme is one close to my own heart: shoes are art. I'm a firm believer that fashion is more than just getting dressed in the morning - it's about art and creating something beautiful.

You simply have to create a piece of art that best represents the shoe as art. This can be a painting, photograph, sculpture, or any other form of art: that gives you so much freedom to do whatever you want, really!

The winner will be picked by a panel of judges and will win £10,000 and their piece will be displayed in the window of the Covent Garden store: that's a mammouth prize if you have any artistic skills: sadly I have thumbs for fingers, and struggle to colour between the lines!

Sounds like this could be for you though? Have more artistic talent than I do? (Believe me, it wouldn't be hard!) Email your entry to and good luck!

Love, Tor xxx

PS - This isn't the competition I was talking about yesterday: i've got a little giveaway coming up that's just for you guys tomorrow!


Abbie said...

I think I might have to get creative tomorrow and submit an entry! :D

mark taylor said...

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