Friday, 1 October 2010

Wrap up for winter at Dorothy Perkins

Hi guys,

I love this time of year, when winter is in full force in every shop. I love buying coats (I actually have a small addiction to buying coats!) and I love wearing layers and wrapping up warm. This is probably why i've gotten into the habit of taking pictures of coats in every shop I go into at the moment! Here are some of the winter displays I snapped in Dorothy Perkins:
I can't resist a red Paddington bear coat, and they are on offer for £65 in every colour! The new heritage trend, full of paisley patterns and knitted oversized jumpers and cardigans is my favourite trend of the season: so comfy and cosy and with acres of layering potential! Finally, the evening fur coats in matt black and nude look great with the trilby hats: i'm giving serious thought to getting an evening hat, such as the kind ladies wore in the "good old days"!

On their website Dorothy Perkins have 20% off a massive selection of coats, but this offer isn't in store, so if you're looking to buy a new coat, and one of these has taken your fancy, it's worth checking out!

Love, Tor xx

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Rai said...

I JUST got a new winter coat from DP's, the blue paddington bear one but the Tall version, which has red toggles instead of wood colour! c: xx