Saturday, 30 October 2010

River Island sale part two: The changing room edition

Hi Guys,
This morning Mike and I popped to Brent Cross to get his hair cut, and whilst he was being primped and pruned how could I resist another pop into River Island to check out the sale? (last week I went to Oxford Street, so I reasoned the stock might be different) And I was right: it was! The extra half price off sale ends tomorrow, so if you're interested in checking it out you're running out of time! Alot of the clothes in the sale are summery, but that's a bonus for me as I need supplies for the honeymoon. There's also a lot of stuff perfect for Christmas parties if you're looking for something new on a budget.
Here's what I tried on:
Sequinned jacket: original price £59.99, price today £12.50
I really loved this jacket (yes, I bought it!) as it's the kind of thing you can throw over a plain boring cotton dress, such as above, and turn it into a party look: it jazzes up anything! I also liked the matt-ness of the sequins and the soft cotton lining.
Embellished dress: original price £49.99, price today £10
Loved this beautiful dress with the embellishment on the waist. It fit beautifully and had great gold thread running through it. (Yup. I got this one too!)
Blue dress: original price £34.99, price today £7.50
I had such high hopes for this Alice in Wonderland blue dress, but it looked awful on: it was far too short, and tight on the boobs: as soon as i'd zipped it I had to unzip it straight away. A shame, as it was a bargain!
Leopard print dress. Original price £34.99. Price now: Still £34.99!
OK, so this wasn't in the sale, but I liked it so much I had to try it on! Loved the pattern, the skater skirt, and the fact that it had sleeves. This would be the perfect dress for my work Christmas party, which is a lunchtime affair: you can't throw on your finest party frock for lunch!

Have you checked out the River Island sale yet? What did you buy? Tell me all about your bargains!!
Love, Tor xx


Alison said...

Love the embellished dress and the leopard print one!

daisychain said...

ohhh you found some gems! the river island in Bristol was dissapointing, very dissapointing.

Alex said...

I've just blogged my purchases from the sale. There wasn't much to choose from but I think I've got some nice stuff. I tried on a truly gorgeous tiered cream ruffly dress with a black bow but I don't have big enough boobs - it fit everywhere else but was way too loose on top :(

Never mind though, I'm happy with what I got. You should be too - you've got some beautiful stuff!

Sugarpuff said...

I love the second dress with the black embellishment! Nothing like these finds in ealing or cheapside :(

Abbie said...

The embellished dress is gorgeous! It really suits you, and a bargain too! xx

Harriet said...

I checked out the sale on Friday, but alas didn't find anything as good as you. It was only a quicky stop - I think I need more stamina for sales!

Teacups and Buttondrops said...

I had a quick look in the one in Aberdeen yesterday, but couldn't really see anything. Also I don't have patience for sales when they are messy (Can you tell I work in retail?)

MargieF said...

ı mıght be ın turkey but that dıdnt stop me! ı went onlıne and although there wasnt amazıng thıngs such as you found ı dıd get a couple of cute dresses and a great necklace all for under 20 pounds!