Monday, 25 October 2010

The Shoe Wheel: A story in pictures

Hi guys,
Storage is always a massive problem in our house; we live in a reasonably-sized two bedroomed flat full of shelves and cupboards, but we still have piles of stuff everywhere because we have nowhere to put it. So I was delighted when I was asked by Tszuji if i'd like to try a shoe wheel: i'd seen them in the press, and always thought they looked like a brilliant idea, plus it could solve the irritating shoes-all-over-the-hallway issue. We weren't diappointed.

What follows below is the pictorial story of the shoe wheel: building it, using it, loving it!
Of course, I always prefer it if things are built already, but the shoe wheel came flat packed, so I roped Mike in to do the building. From start to finish the shoe wheel took about 20 minutes to build: I think it will take considerably longer to choose my favourite shoes to put inside though! The spin mechanism is great, and the shoes are easy to get in and out: the outer cage is made of thick elastic, so you just pull it aside for access.

I think this is such a clever invention, a storage space saver, and a handy way to choose which shoes to wear in the morning. The only small con to it is that it is taller than you'd expect, and was slightly too tall to fit into my wardrobes, which meant I had to find the floor space to store it: still, better than having shoes all over the floor!

Love, Tor xx


Kelly said...

I love this! Such a good idea!!
Would you say it fit any kind of shoe in? Is there a heel limit?


tor (fabfrocks) said...

Yes you can fit any shoe and heel height in it. (although I don't think knee high boots would work!!) The pockets are ajustable, so you can make them as wide or as narrow as you like!

Amy said...

Storing shoes is so hard but I love this! It's good that the pockets are adjustable - I was just thinking that none of my ankle boots would fit in. I want one!


mixnmatch1 said...

i love it but i have too many shoes :S lol

teawithonesugarplease said...

I'm very surprised you haven't filled up the shoe wheel already! I have always wanted to get one but was unsure if my shoes of different heights would fit in. Let me know if shoes gets 'dusty' by sitting in it for a while.

Hayles said...

I love the idea of the shoe wheel, but we have an over active spaniel - shoes would be everywhere! Mine are stacked in clear plastic boxes because I'm that fussy :)

Harriet said...

This is such a great invention, I have a couple of shoe racks at the moment, but as my collection gets larger I'm definitely going to have to try out some new shoe storage ideas!

kirstyb said...

iv been thinking about buying that for a while now xx