Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cowshed lifestyle: A quick peek!

Hi guys,
This is just a little post, but during the week I went to the launch of Cowshed's new lifestyle range, and I wanted to tell you lovely people about it!

The collection featured a selection of lifestyle products including lounge wear, make up bags, some lovely leather notebooks, and the gorgeous cashmere sets shown above. Cashmere is, of course, incredibly expensive, so the prices of the sets were wince-worthy; nearly £300 for the travel set! Having said that, if I were lucky enough to have a jet set lifestyle then this is exactly what i'd want to have in my travel bag. It felt so soft, and looks super-stylish too: this would make a great gift! It seems a shame to waste good cashmere on babies though: in my experience, they'd only be sick on it! Much more reasonably priced were the gorgeous leather notebooks, which came in a range of colours and catchphrases, and were £40; I want the one that said 'grumpy' on it!

I love the smell of Cowshed products. I have a couple of their scented candles in my bathroom, and light them when I have a bath after a long day at work! I'm not sure that's enough to make me want to buy a pack of Cowshed branded knickers, but if you're a massive fan of the brand then this could be the range for you; I can testify that the quality of everything I saw was fantastic!

Love, Tor xx

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