Friday, 22 October 2010

Sneak peek: Florence and Fred Spring/Summer Collection

Hi guys,
Last night I went for a sneak peek of the Florence and Fred collection for next Spring/Summer. I know it's a little early to be thinking about next Spring when it's just starting to get cold and icy, but now i'm looking forward to it already! For me next summer immediately equates to my wedding and honeymoon, so I get really excited when I see summer clothes, and mentally pack them in my suitcase!

I loved the navy mid-length full skirt (shown above) and they had a great range of crazily affordable accessories, including some really pretty peach sandals, which were gorgeous! And i'm definitely going to be picking up that straw boater (also above)

Below are two of the pieces I really liked! They aren't the most fashion-forward dresses that were in the collection, but they looked and felt lovely: great patterns, gorgeous soft fabrics, and nipped in waists. Yum:
Other pieces I loved were some wide legged almost sheer floral trousers, and a selection of amazing patterned shorts. The leg wear was awesome! There was also a great range of floral dresses with a 50s flare that would be a curvy girls dream!

The nicest sideline of going to events is getting to hang out with other lovely bloggers. It was awesome to see Gem (of Gem Fatale) and Amy (of Wolf Whistle). It was also awesome to drink yummy cocktails and eat yummy canapes. I know they're laden with calories, but I am a girl who likes a canape. Go figure!

Whilst checking over the collections we also got to see the Autumn/Winter Limited collection, which is going online shortly. It featured some Christmas dresses so gorgeous that i'm going to give them their own little party feature next week!

Love, Tor xx


IWantDress said...

Looks a gorgeous collection. Can't wait for S/S to be able to buy!


MargieF said...

you know ı could wear all those clothes now as ıts stıll sunny ın turkey haha. however nıce all these clothes look (and they do) ı want my wınter wardrobe already!

Nicola said...

Sweet bike!

I like the white shirt that's shown with the navy skirt that you like. As a pair they look a bit Victorian to me, which definitely isn't a bad thing.

Winnie said...

I wouldn't have been able to resist the canapes either haha! Looks like it was a great press day. Love seeing everyone's coverage!