Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Clothing at Tesco: Post it on!

Check out these shoulder pads!? I was very excited when Clothing at Tesco asked me to take part in Post it On (basically, bloggers tag!) and even more excited when the dress I chose to start my game of post it on arrived this morning! Post it on is celebrating the new Autumn/Winter collection currently instore/online from Tesco: it was actually hard to choose just one item, as there was so much on the site I wanted (especially from the F&F Couture range, which looks 10 times better this season than it did last!) But enough of that, lets look at the dress I picked!!
The dress is from the new A/W Florence and Fred Couture range, and these pictures really don't do it justice as they make what are in fact soft velvet details look rather shiny! It has buttons up the cuffs, and tiny Victorian style buttons all the way up one side of the dress. It has draping across the hips, an assymetric hem, and those show stopping shoulder pads: i'm nuts about this dress!

The dress is so dramatic that it speaks for itself, so I styled it pretty simply with chunky wedge boots and a skinny black studded belt, to draw in the waist of the dress a little. I was worried it would make my boobs look too big (I never wear anything with a high neck like this) but I didn't think they looked too bad to be honest!

The blogger i'm posting this on to (randomly chosen by pointing my finger at my links page!) is Harriet of Where is Harriet. In playground parlance, I believe i'm supposed to hit you and scream "Tag!" Can't wait to see what you pick!

Love, Tor x


Jenna M. said...

OMG I'm in love with that dress!!

Kb said...

Fierce! You look great! It's great to go against the grain.

Harriet said...

Thank you so much!! Consider me hit and tagged!

Ps that dress is amazing! Tesco are gonig amazing things, wow!

xxErinxx said...

Oooh that's gorgeous - really unusual!
Did you get the chance to chase up those vouchers I won in your Tesco competition by any chance?

tarrynblackwood said...

Hi Erin (and Tor, looking fab btw!)

If you are having trouble with the voucher, please get in contact with me, you can get my direct email address from Tor and I will sort that out for you :)

nanex said...

i love that dress although i would look silly in it. Tesco really do fab clothing, i have had some great fashionable comfort clothing from there. Also check out George - maybe not seen as high fashion but some great affordable yet fashionable clothing