Tuesday, 5 October 2010

AW10: Primark's coats and boots

Hi guys,
Looking through my stats and site traffic yesterday, I couldn't believe how many people were finding the blog by searching for new season Primark boots or coats. But actually, my Primark winter posts are from last winter, so those poor souls won't be able to buy whatever they find! So being the selfless lovely person that I am (ha!) I popped down to Primark armed with my camera to seek out the best of this seasons winter wears: what the people want, the people get!

Primark still don't allow you to take photos in store, and the staff are getting particularly vigilant about enforcing the rules, so apologies if the picture quality isn't great but I had to take these on my iphone:

The camel coat on the top right is the most expensive thing I have ever seen in primark: this cashmere mix coat is £49. I can testament that it feels beautiful though, and it looks great on! The black coat on the top right is exactly the same except that it is a wool mix, and is therefore cheaper at £29. There were lots of military details on coats too, and if you still need protecting from the Autumn showers, they still had all their rain macs and lighter weight coats in store too.

Ahh, the ubiquitous faux Mulberry Alexa, as seen in nearly every store on the high street this winter! The Primark one costs just £9, and they also comes with a matching purse. It's actually a good sized bag, and not bad quality, given the price.

If there's a trend on the high street then you can guarantee that Primark have come up with their own cheaper version of it! The boots instore today were replicas of so many other boots i've seen: cowboy boots, heeled clog boots, biker boots, and traditional knee high boots. There was also the best pair of Gareth Pugh replica-style chunky black wedge boots that I fell absolutely in love with, but sadly I couldn't take a picture!

Another thing worth mentioning is the pajamas! I'm a self confessed pajama addict, and I had a field day in the pajama section of the store where all the winter PJs are out in force, and you can even buy an adult onesy, complete with built-in feet! You can guess what i'll be wearing when the cold nights draw in!

Love, Tor x


Sugarpuff said...

Cannot wait to check these out! Can never get enough of Primarni!!!


mixnmatch1 said...

i like the cream ruffle front coat,i will take a look at my local primark,thanks :)

Christina Sanders said...

I really love that camel coat, but I don't know if I could bring myself to spend £50 in primark. The quality is never as good and I'd worry it would fall apart. I guess if a coat is like £20 it doesn't matter to much - but £50, I'd want it to last.

Crafty Nell said...

Those tan boots look gooood! Picked up some lovely brogues in Primark the other day, I think it has stepped things up a bit this winter.

daisychain said...

you are quite the super sleuth! love the boots.

* Reena Rai * said...

Thank you, selfless little fashion angel!! The camel coat is amazing...but I don't think I could bring myself to spend so much there. The black one on the otherhand, I really need to check that baby out in person

Make Do Style said...

Blimey even I'm tempted by the camel coat on top right! Believe me your iphone photos are better than my camera ones!

Your ProfileZone said...

Has anyone seen Anna Paquin's <a href="http://womensbootsblack.com/anna-paquin-sporting-her-womens-black-boots/>black boots</a>? she's really rocking it!

Your ProfileZone said...

Has anyone seen Anna Paquin's black boots? she's really rocking it!