Monday, 6 September 2010

For the boys: FFP at Debenhams

Hi guys,
Last week, Mike and I were invited to the launch of FFP at Debenhams; a new menswear line, the first new menswear range Debenhams have launched for years. British boxers Kevin Mitchell and Frankie Gavin are the faces of the brand, "embodying the tough, masculine ethos and performance element which makes the collection genuinely ‘Fit For Purpose.’" (Because that's what FFP stands for).

As you know, I don't usually cover menswear, but it was the first event Mike had been invited to, and I thought it would be fun for him to come along and see what I get up to on the evenings he's left at home alone with a pizza! I was also interested to see the new menswear collection, and how they would diferentiate it from their Red Herring brand, without having a designer name behind it.
I liked the range, but felt it was more appropriate for a slightly older man than Mike, despite the younger marketing; I would have brought 90% of the collection as a gift for my (admittedly very trendy) dad, but there wasn't really anything I would've picked up for Mike or any other gentleman in his 20s. It was very clean and preppy, but a little old; lots of striped polo shirts, clean functional jackets, and even a gilet thrown in for good measure. The jackets reminded me a little of Barbour jackets, and teamed with the hoodies and checked shirts, it did look a little bit young farmer! I did like some of the workman boots and distressed denim though; there is a lot of denim in the collection, and I think it will end up being one of their biggest selling points.
When asked for his thoughts on the collection (in less than 3 sentences, because the boy can talk!) Mike said: "I did like the jackets, especially the black one, but I thought the gilet was awful, and i'm not a hoodie fan, and although Tor liked the footwear, I didn't really like that either. The collection wasn't really for me. Having said that, I will go and try on some of the jeans!"

And the overall verdict? Worth a look, especially if you're looking for a present for your Pops, but i'm yet to be convinced. What do you guys think? Any pieces you'll be running to add to your Christmas shopping list?

Love, Tor xxx


teawithonesugarplease said...

I was in Debs the other day in the Homeware Dept and was really surprised how much denim there had in the Mens section. So to have another extra collection full well thats saturation levels!

Make Do Style said...

Love Mike's comment - covered all options!