Friday, 24 September 2010

New season H! by Henry Holland...With Henry Holland!

Hi guys,
Last night I was excited to be invited to Debenhams to view the newest H! by Henry Holland collection, and to meet the man himself:
In the picture above Henry is wearing the camel coat from the current H! collection, which is in store now. He also tried on the varsity jacket and a couple of jumpers, and took the jacket and jumpers home with him (if that's not a seal of approval from the designer, I don't know what is!)
We rifled through the rails looking at the new season collections, whilst Henry gossiped and sipped on his lemsip (apparently designers get fashion week 'flu as well as bloggers!) Sneaky insights we learnt from Henry:

- Next years Spring/Summer drops will have some pieces with a seventies influence, just like the mainline collection. However the bulk of the collection will have a very 90s feel (Henry said "think Fresh Prince of Bel Air") and there will be some more feminine girly pieces too.

- There is going to be a H! by Henry Holland Christmas range, featuring sequins and sparkle (can't wait for that to hit the shops!) My favourite piece of the whole evening was a blue fur coat, which is part of the Christmas collection: apparently this took a long time to create, as the prototypes kept shedding, but it's perfect now, and so soft!

- Because he's such a jetsetter (lucky him!) he does most of his work on planes, because he can't be distracted by phone calls. However he'll always call London home (and has since just a week after he moved here, much to the chagrin of his dad!)

-Henry thinks the prints in the collections just keep getting better and better, and he admits there was a steep learning curve in getting them right.

I think the H! range just keeps getting better with each collection: I also think it is maturing as time goes by; originally I would have said the collection was only appropriate for teens but now I see more and more "twentysomethings" wearing it, and I often happily wear H! by Henry Holland myself (as i'm going to show in my next post!) The upcoming range featured some great key pieces, which I can see selling out really fast, so get in quick!

Love, Tor xx


daisychain said...

I didn't like the first collection, but the following ones have been better and better.

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