Thursday, 16 September 2010

Slap on some lippie, and away we go!

Hi guys,
As I start to get excited about Fashion Week (and mildly panic about what to wear!) i'm thinking about family and rituals: about things you would see your mum do every day that you're indvertantly started doing yourself, traditions that were hers that you've taken as your own.
My mum's ritual is her lipstick: putting it on is the last think she does before she leaves the house. It's such a routine that even our dogs recognise it: they hide under the table when mum reaches for her lippie, because they know it means she's going to leave them for a few hours! Mum seems more confident with her brave pop of colour on her lips: it's how she prepares to face the world.

I think this sends a powerful message when you're a little girl, and as a grown-up big girl, I firmly believe in the power of the lipstick! I put mine on before job interviews, special occasions... fashion week shows. It makes me stand taller, just like it made my mum a bit taller (well a bit, she's only 4ft11!)

I didn't even start thinking about this whole concept, until at 6pm this evening when, on my way home from work, and worrying about what to wear tomorrow, I popped into boots and bought a new lipstick: fromBourjois in Parisian Rouge. I must have inadvertantly known that a flash of colour on my lips would make me feel confident in whatever I decided to throw on!

My own ritual is my nails: I don't feel good unless they're immaculately painted, so you can guess what my next job will be! Can't wait for the mayhem to start tomorrow!

Love, Tor xx


Abbie said...

I'm a recent convert to the odd dash of lippie,a nd it's amazing how it can change the way you feel about what you're wearing and the outfit choices. Sometimes a bit of red lipstick is all it needs to bring it all together and give you a confidence boost! xx

Cherryred said...

How adorable!
My mum always makes sure she has tissues in the pocket/handbag. So now the last thing i do before i get out is swipe 3 or 4 tissues out of the box and distribute them about my person! Such a mother thing to do!!