Friday, 17 September 2010

LFW SS11 Day One: Daily Wear

Hi guys,
So, London Fashion Week is finally here!! As usual i'll be rushing around like a headless chicken (and enjoying every minute!) It's such a fun week: meeting other bloggers, being emerged in fashion, being surrounding by people that think it's ok to wear 6 inch heels for 8 hours in a row...

I wish I was the kind of person that could prepare outfits in advance (you read about such people on twitter!) but my preferred method is to plan on planning outfits in advance then get distracted, and end up getting dressed in a blind panic ten minutes before I need to leave the house! Nonetheless, here's what i'm wearing: Photobucket
Primark, Long black dress
Joy, Over body bag
Ahhh, my old friend black: always good to turn to when you're in a rush!! I didn't have time to do all my nails in my favourite leopard print pattern, so I just did one on each hand: I love the colour combination of the turquoise with the browns!

Yet again, my coverage from London Fashion Week will be sponsored by Style Compare, which is great, as they were really fun to work with last year! I will also be doing a guest piece for the TKMaxx blog about Day 1 of London Fashion Week, so i'll share the link to that as soon as it's live!

Looking forward to a great week!
Tor xx

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