Tuesday, 7 September 2010

TU at Sainsburys: More supermarket chic?

I don't mind a look at George at Asda if I have an urge for a quick, cheap, trend fix. Clothing at Tesco have won me over with the quality and fit of their great ranges (everything i've had from them has washed like a charm) But TU at Sainsburys? Well to be honest, the only clothing my local Sainsburys stock are two packs of black/white Tshirts, cheap stone wash jeans, and the occasional pink/pastel pajamas. I didn't even know they had a "fashion" range!
But today they sent me a press release entitled "Alpine Chic" and I really liked a couple of the pieces on it, in fact, I liked them enough to look at their whole set of A/W press shots. And I have to say, I was impressed:
I like the brown shearling coat, and if the quality is good, it would be a bargain at £40. The wrap cardigan would also make a great, versitile winter piece that I would be happy to add to my wardrobe. I'm obsessed with the camel cape, despite the fact i'm not a big fan of camel, and for £45 it would be an great nod to both the camel and cape trends for this season. I also love the styling of the collection, which makes all the difference: I would wear the whole of the first shot, exactly as it is. In fact, I probably have worn that outfit!

All looking great, and id be very interested to take a closer look (Who can tell quality/fit from a photo!?) I just wish I knew more about TU: you don't read about it on other blogs - is it a dirty secret, or not worth checking out? I've decided i'd like to find out. The only problem now is to find the elusive store in NW London that actually stocks this stuff....any ideas??

Love, Tor xx

PS - Apparently because of the high holiday volumes in August, the StyleCompare competition has been extended for another two weeks! If you wanted to send an entry, but didn't quite get it done in time then work on it now, and send it over. I'd love to see it! x


Anonymous said...

Hm, interesting question about whether they're any good- I personally don't like shopping for clothes at supermarkets, because to me it feels like they're just being greedy, so they're like 'what else can we make' (tesco is so annoying they want to have everything!) and it feels like they don't really love the clothes they make. I know this is probably true of some other high street shops too, but for example whenever I go to Zara or Oasis, it just feels like they love their clothes- you won't find them lying around from people crazily browsing through stocks and trying it on( but you ALWAYS do in Primark, New Look and even H&M). The pictures look nice though, so maybe it's be worth giving them a chance :P

Alex said...

I've just bought a very nice navy pea coat from Tu but there wasn't a single other thing in the full 2 aisles that I would have wanted. I find it a lot more hit and miss than the other supermarket ranges.