Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Topshop Spring/Summer look book is here!

On Friday the Topshop Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook arrived in my inbox, so naturally (with my being a self-confessed Topshop addict) I opened it straight up!
My initial thought was how easy this years looks were going to be to create from last years purchases: nudes and pink sheers and chiffons are still very much a focus, as they were when I filled my wardrobe with them from Topshop last summer.

There is a definite '90s feel with demin jackets almost overtaking leather ones in popularity. And they say you're too old for fashion when you can remember a look from the first time around, which worries me because the grungey aethestic is definitely one I strived for in my early teens.
Harem pants aren't going anywhere, with the saggy crotch a continual feature: i'm yet to find a pair that suits me, but I love the way they look in editorials. Brogues are also set to stay, as are the chunky strappy heels we've seen so much of in the past six months.
The "urban traveller" feel is also present, something I remember seeing in a Vogue editorial last summer and now recreated by our favourite high street store. It seems to be like yet another take on the safari trend, but this time in a more baggy way.

Overall I like the range, although it doesn't strike me as particularly new or 'fashion-forward' (I hate that phrase!) It is immensely wearable, and I like the move away from black and towards softer greys as our base colour (or as someone is bound to say, "the new black")

What do you think of the Topshop Spring/Summer collection? Is there anything you can't wait to buy?

Love, Tor xx


mama said...

great post tor

KD said...

I agree - nothing groundbreaking by any means, but all perfectly covetable!

daisychain said...

I wish my budget allowed topshop!

Gem said...

Great blog and post. I love the cropped demin jacket in the last picture.

Gem x

WendyB said...

I think this isn't true anymore: " And they say you're too old for fashion when you can remember a look from the first time around..." because things come around so quickly.

Je suis style said...

i totally agree with all your points! and gosh i've also had a similar opinion towards hareem pants!!

please check out my blog and follow if you like it :)


Make Do Style said...

I'm sticking to my no fritter - I'm sorry but there is nothing really new this season x