Tuesday, 23 February 2010

LFW: Burberry goes live in 3D and 2D around the world

When it comes to engaging with social media and reaching as wide an audience as possible, Burberry really know what they're doing. This year, Burberry went 3D! Yup, as well as the celebrity audience at somerset house and the thousands of people around the world like you and I watching in normal 2D on our computer screens, Burberry also hosted live 3D screenings of their show in locations around the world: how exciting is that? I'm an absolute sucker for 3D technology and love watching 3D movies (Alice in Wonderland is coming out in 3D next week and i'm really looking foward to seeing it)

Now back to the fashion: The collection was called the Burberry Cadet Girls, and although i'm not really a "burberry girl" I enjoyed it. I loved the biker style fur lined jacket, the windsor blue coat and the strappy high ankle boots. The collection had a lot of attitude with a grown up biker feel. Again we saw mustard as an accent colour: that's another I bet we will see all over the high street by next Autumn.

If you missed the live streaming you can watch some of the show here:

For the record I think show live streaming is the future of fashion, making it accessible to everyone, and such a good idea. Although I missed out on the atmosphere, the mood in the room, and the gossip, I got a much better view of the collection from my laptop than I ever would have in the crowded venue. It's a not too unhappy alternative for the ordinary fashion lover, or any press/bloggers who can't make (or in my case aren't invited to) the show.

Love, Tor xx


KD said...

I like the clothes but frankly can't stand the music. I agree that live streaming is the future of fashion but I'm always at school when they stream, haha.

Winnie said...

I love the live shows too, I mean seeing them in motion is part of the show and brings so much more to it. I will definitely be re-watching this video back!