Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New York Fashion Week: Opinions so far

I have been so busy preparing for London Fashion Week (only two days to go!) that I haven't really given New York my full attention. In fact i've only skimmed over most of the ranges and only had the chance to watch one (Rodarte) live streamed. However a couple of shows have stood out for all of the right (and some of the wrong) reasons.

Betsey Johnson always makes me feel a frisson of excitement and I wasn't let down this season; a not very modest retrospective of her many years in fashion. I was never a massive fan of the gun print but there were still some stand out styles; the cinched in corset waists were a success proving yet again that Queen Betsey knows how to dress curves. The styles I most enjoyed though were the more modest bohemian looks, and I really want a bird hat; DIY here I come! Do I also sense that cowboy boots might make a comeback?
Marc Jacobs was very grey. Grey was, for me the overriding feeling about the collection. But I don't mean that in a bad way; I enjoy the nuances you get with shades of grey that can't be achieved with shades of black. I loved the lowered hem lines (Marc, my ugly knees thank you!) and find many of the pieces extremely wearable (I would love one of the grey sweaters) but didn't get the serene dream-like feeling others have mentioned, probably because I didn't watch the show, I just saw the images afterwards.
Rodarte was dreamy. By that I suppose I mean dream-like, rather than the way a teenage girl would describe a pop star! Layers and nudes and watercolour florals floated down the catwalk like images from a beautiful hazy dream. This felt like a bloggers collection: by that i suppose I mean that when I watched the show I could immediately think of half a dozen bloggers that were going to fall in love with it.

Oh, and with Betsey's hay, Rodarte's confetti and Marcs cardboard, what happened to the traditional white catwalk!?

What have you thought about New York fashion week so far? Have there been any collections that have really stood out for you?

Love, Tor

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daisychain said...

I have to say I haven't given NY much thought, idk why, I think my mind is elsewhere.

Winnie said...

Oh I adored Rodarte and I managed to watch the live stream for Marc Jacobs, coupled with the music, the collection was just soooo beautiful!

KD said...

Oh yeah, I loved Rodarte! Unfortunately I didn't get either live stream.

WendyB said...

Betsey has a lively spirit that I always appreciate.