Monday, 22 February 2010

LFW AW10: Twenty8Twelve presentation

After milling around for ten minutes with a glass of wine in one hand and a square of bitter chocolate in the other, we were lead up an incredible staircase and into the presentation room which was set up like a Medeval banquetting hall. The models were on a slightly raised platform posing and chatting to each other: the atmosphere was very relaxed.

The presentation was at 2 Temple Place which is a folly building and very very beautiful: almost more impressive than the collection we were there to see. And on that note, on to the clothes:

The collection was very punky, and like lots of other collections i've seen the hem lines were either very long or very short: nothing in the middle here! There was also a nod to a Sixties bohemian aesthetic, notably in the patchwork cardigan and the thick velvet turban headbands several of the models were wearing.

Utilitarian jackets in khaki, denim shirts, and a khaki shirt dress added a masculine touch to the collection, at did the slouchy hat shown in the next image:
The "grunge" styling that has been very popular this season and the tough wedge ankle boot and sandal trend doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Tartan was also used, adding both to the grunge and the punk themes, and giving a "Highland fling" overtone.

The collection was inspired by the early club scene of the 1980s, hence the drain pipe skinnies and the acid wash overload.

This collection is a mash-up of so many themes! Nonetheless I enjoyed the contrast between the luxe dresses and the layered knitted daywear, and found the collection very very wearable. What do you think?

Love Tor

PS - For those of you that like the celebrity spots, I saw Sienna Miller who was dressed in black and looking very pretty and crazy thin. She is even more petite in "real life" than you imagine she would be when you watch her on the big screen.

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