Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mannequins: What's your size?

I wanted to write about this last week, but what with the fashion week craziness I just didn't get the chance. Debenhams are trialling size 16 mannequins in their Oxford Street store windows.


Currently Debenhams use standard size 10 mannequins in all its windows display, but the majority of women in the UK are either a size 14 or 16; in fact, 42% of Debenhams sales come from selling garments in those two sizes.

I think they look great but I kind of wish they had opted for a size 12 or 14 mannequin: something a little more representative of a normal healthy weight rather either than one extreme or the other. I feel like a size 16 is heading more towards the plus sized category than something that is realistic and aspirational and achieveable that loads of women can see and appreciate as beautiful. Still, bigger women like myself being represented on the highstreet can only be a good thing, and it will be nice to walk down the street and see a mannequin that I can relate to in a size I could actually wear!

What do you think? Do you think this is a step in the right direction? What model size would you prefer?

Love, Tor xx


Kenners said...

Due to the nature of sizes and their wide fluctuations from one shop to another (I'm a size 10 in tops from next, but a size 16 in topshop, a size 12 in skirts from monsoon, but can be a size 18 in next, and medically I'm a healthy weight for my height) I don't think anyone can judge 'healthy weight' on clothes sizes, thus I think putting a size 16 in the window doesn't detract from what is presumably the aim of showing shoppers how well a size 16 can dress.

If they were putting morbidly obese manikins up there then I would have issues, but a vague size 16? I think that's nearer inspirational and refreshing than condoning the over weight. I think a size 14-16 is about spot on.

Hope you're enjoying fashion week, it looks like crazy exhausting fun!

Kyanvi said...

just wondering if it be better if they put all sizes from 10-16?! Even though this means a lots of works for the staff, a more true image of how we look like on the street.

Random London Girl said...

To be honest, these size 16 mannequins really don't look like an average size 16 woman! They seem to be perfectly in proportion. I'm not bothered what size mannequins are as long as the shop makes clothes in flattering cuts and in a range of sizes that cater for everybody.

The Style PA said...

I think it would be good to have a few different sizes. A healthy mix would be good, and perhaps they could base which they show on what ranges sell best in certain sizes. So if one range is particularly popular with sized 14-16 then show it on a bigger mannequin.

Shini said...

You're absolutely right, just because many women in the UK are size 14 and 16s doesn't mean its a healthy average, obesity is another serious problem.
Considering the average height of women in the UK, size 12 should best represent a good BMI. Still glad to know they want to do something about the size 8 (sometimes 6) mannequins we have now...