Tuesday, 9 February 2010

River Island new season mini review

Without a further 50% off all sale prices, River Island suddenly seems a little pricey to me (although I am yet to see the £150 dress that Kate http://www.makedostyle.blogspot.com/ posted about yesterday!)

When you can pick up a top for £2.50 you suddenly resent paying £34.99 for its new-season twin less than a month later. However I do feel slightly more excited about the new season stuff I have seen from River Island than from Topshop (so far): i've always enjoyed their details (such as the mismatched buttons on cardigans and dresses) and they've gone to town with it this season. I also think it is going to be more wearable for my "look": the torn grungey aethetic touted by Topshop just makes me look unwashed!


I really love the pale watercolour floral dress with the lace bib and the cute brooch hat: very '20s spring time. Yum! The nautical trend will never go away in Spring/Summer (yup, with observations like that I should be a fashion editor) and I really like this overtly nautical cardigan, which I would wear with irony.

Again though, a lot of this collection can be achieved from last summers wardrobe: nothing is particularly new. Which is a good thing if, like me, you aren't shopping. This has inspired me to pick up some lace and buttons and add some details to some of my plain nude dresses and tops. I am more determined than ever to approach the new season without it requiring a new wardrobe.

Are there any high street spring summer collections you've been inspired by yet? Am I alone in thinking that it all seems very similar to what was in store twelve months ago?

Love, Tor xx


Anonymous said...

That first floral dress is just amazing! I love the print, it just needs a pretty sun hat!

daisychain said...

oh love the floral


Love the cardigan.
Claudia xxx

Helen Cox said...

That first floral dress is definitely a favourite. I NEED that in my wardrobe for sure! The hat is super cute too but not sure I could pull it off!

MargieF said...

that little hat is too cute...but i think you are right about the fact that nothing very new and inspiring is coming out...everything seems to be the same as winter but in spring/ summer colours...