Saturday, 20 February 2010

LFW AW10: On/Off exhibition

As well as being a place to watch catwalk shows, it's important to remember that LFW (and all fashion weeks) are trade events where people go to show their collections, sell them to buyers, and make money. And it is a massive business ( I wish I could find a figure saying exactly how much!) I'm sure you all knew this already and are rolling your eyes, but it seemed worth mentioning because although the national press cover the glamour of the shows and the celebs, they never mention the real reason the event is put on!!

The main exhibition is at Somerset house, and I will be checking that out on Monday. There is also a smaller exhibition of smaller designers at On/Off (which this year is at Bloomsbury Square) and I had a wander around that this morning.

The exhibitions are the perfect places to go if you want to experience serious wardrobe envy. I suppose some lucky people go to plan out their wardrobes for next season (I can't imagine being that rich!) and of course most people are there to buy for their shops, big and small. It's so fun watching the sales people smoozing with the buyers (and leaving me alone. It must be obvious i'm a humble blogger!)!

Here are some of my picks from the On/Off exhibition. Its unlike me to become so interested by the clothes because usually I wander round going crazy over the shoes:


Top to bottom: Richard Emden handbags, RJS by Richard Sorger dresses, Tessa Edwards red dress and crown, the last dress made the kid inside me go giddy and I wrote down the name of the designer but now can't read it! Does anyone have any ideas?

Love, Tor xx
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KD said...

Love it all!

SR@MyStyle said...

The Richard Sorger dresses are wonderful, sounds like you're having an awesome time at LFW!!

Milly Blase said...

I think the dress is by yang du!? I went to the exhibition too. it was great being able to actually talk to the designers face to face. on|off has been great this season! xx