Saturday, 20 February 2010

LFW AW10: Hanako Narahira at A la Mode

There were eight designers at the a la mode show. Six of these were nice, but nothing to write home about; Two however were really fun to watch. The first of these was Hanako Narahira; an experimental knitwear designer who studied at Central St Martins.
The knits were oversized, and I loved the giant woolen plaits. There was a lot of use of neon, which I feel we've seen before in knitwear collections, but I love to see designers who have fun with knitwear; knitting has a reputation for being such an elderly occupation, and this is ripe for subversion!

So many different colours and textures of wool were used and I loved seeing the lurex with the touch of sparkle. I don't know enough about knitting techniques to review this properly, so i'm just going to let the images speak for themselves:

Seeing shows like this makes me realise there just isn't enough knitwear in my life!

Love, Tor

*A la mode is an off schedule show organised by La Geneve North - you might remember this, because I invited you all to attend a couple of months ago!
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Tamsin said...

I believe that's actually crochet, not knitting! Crochet is such a difficult technique to use in clothing, I find. And I actually really hate this :/

Make Do Style said...

Gosh busy bee hope you feet aren't killing you!

KD said...

Really fun! I love love love how they look like braids.

Je suis style said...

Hanako Narahira's fluoro knitwear is interesting. reminds me of christopher kane's2007 fluoro obsession!

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